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ive learned that things dont aways work out as planned I told myself to stay positive this couldnt have worked out better! these days people come to me for financial advice I had to share this with someone

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Wright Family

Well, yesterday was last post on the "Wright" line of my family - that's I mean the information I have available. Not sure where I'll go next week but in the meantime you may want to check out MyTrees - either to search for your own family, upload your family information to the database, or you might even want to join the affiliate program there. I, Faith, can tell you this is one of the few affiliate programs I've found online that does actually pay.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Generation No. 1 - Thomas Wright

Well, we've been nearly 3 weeks of following the Wright Family Tree. This is the generation the furthest back in the line that I have found at this point. Updates to the Wright Family Tree will be added as individual post from here on out.

1. 'Thomas1 Wright was born Abt. 1565. He married 'Elizabeth Daniell 1590, daughter of 'Edmond Daniell and Margaret Weaste. She was born Abt. 1568.

Notes for 'Thomas Wright:

1 Edmund WRIGHT birth b: Abt 1591
2 John WRIGHT birth b: Abt 1593
3 Thomas WRIGHT birth b: Abt 1595
4 Francis WRIGHT birth b: Abt 1597
5 Christopher WRIGHT birth b: Abt 1599
6 Margaret WRIGHT birth b: Abt 1601
7 Anna WRIGHT birth b: Abt 1603

Child of 'Thomas Wright and 'Elizabeth Daniell is:
+ 2 i. 'Thomas2 Wright, born October 28, 1594 in Warrington, Lancashire, England.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Generation No. 2 - Thomas Wright

Please, if you have any further information on this Wright family could you share.
2. 'Thomas2 Wright ('Thomas1)1,2 was born October 28, 1594 in Warrington, Lancashire, England. He married (2) Elizabeth Chittenden2.

Child of 'Thomas Wright and Elizabeth Chittenden is:
+ 3 i. 'John3 Wright, born Abt. 1614 in Warrington, Lancashire, England; died October 23, 1700 in Isle of Wight, Virginia.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Generation No. 3 - John Wright

I will admit I am somewhat confused on this family group - if you can clear up the names and number of sons John and Ellen had please contact me, faith.

3. 'John3 Wright ('Thomas2, 'Thomas1)4,5 was born Abt. 1614 in Warrington, Lancashire, England, and died October 23, 1700 in Isle of Wight, Virginia. He married 'Ellen Mather April 25, 1639 in Warrington, Lancashire, England, daughter of 'Ralph Mather and 'Elizabeth Huett. She was born July 26, 1615 in Warrington, Lancashire, England.

Notes for 'John Wright:
Biography: Born about 1614 in Warrington, Lancashire, Eng.
According to Daniel Wright, PO Box 007, Bentonville, VA 22610.
All of the Wrights descended from five Viking brothers that came to England with King William in 1066. King William sent one brother named William to Ireland, a brother, John, settled as a Lord in Essex abd the other three brothers established Kelvedon Castle in Kent.

More About 'John Wright:
Christening: April 25, 1639, Warrington, Lancashire, Eng.5

More About 'Ellen Mather:
Christening: April 25, 1639, Warrington, Lancashire, Eng.6,7

Child of 'John Wright and 'Ellen Mather is:
+ 5 i. 'James Thomas4 Wright, born 1640 in Warrington, Lancashire, England; died August 05, 1736 in Isle of Wight, Virginia.

4. John3 Wright ('Thomas2, 'Thomas1) He married Ellen Mather8 April 25, 16398. She was born July 26, 16158.

Children of John Wright and Ellen Mather are:
6 i. John4 Wright8, died June 01, 16418.
7 ii. John Wright8, born April 25, 16458.
8 iii. Thomas Wright8, born November 08, 16468.